Distributed Generation

Distributed generation (DG) refers to electricity that is produced at or near the point where it is used and since 2009, Okefenoke REMC has assisted numerous members with interconnection to our distribution system. With over (25) active residential distributed generation systems currently connected to the grid, OREMC continues to support those members who choose  to utilize renewable energy systems on their property. Information regarding the applicable polices and procedures are readily available for any member who wishes to construct a grid-tied or interconnected renewable energy facility. Following the proper procedure for interconnection is essential in avoiding untimely construction delays and unnecessary expenses.

Grid Tied Distributed Generation Systems

Policy, Information Packets and How – To’s

Use the tab structure below to review information regarding Okefenoke’s Distributed Generation Services. You may also find all documents pertaining to Okefenoke’s Distributed Generation Services using the “Document Center”. There is no difference in the information presented as only the method of presentation is different. Scroll down for your local EMC contacts.

Document Center

Local EMC Contacts and Printed Material

You may obtain a printed copy of all materials at your local EMC office. Or, you may contact the appropriate Members Services Representative for your respective area for assistance.