The “meter reader” once was as much of an electric utility icon as the lineman, but changes and upgrades in metering technology over the years have minimized human interaction in day-to-day meter reading and power connection/disconnection.

The same is true at OREMC. In 2003, we first began transitioning to electronic meters equipped with a two-way automated communication system utilizing our power lines. The first step was to

Meter technician changes electric meter on side of house

Meter Technician Wayne Altman changes out a meter, replacing the old mechanical one with one of the new electronic meters.

retrofit existing mechanical meters (27,000) to enable remote meter reading and connectivity functionality. Not only has this technology been more cost effective, it has enhanced safety for both our employees and members while capturing meter usage data. Meter data is used to assist dispatchers with diagnosing and pinpointing system issues on our distribution lines.

Since then, electronic meters have become the standard industry-wide, and we continue installing them for all new construction accounts. Additionally, we have continued to replace our mechanical meters with newer electronic meters as a part of our ongoing system maintenance and improvement.  Recently, OREMC had the opportunity to advance purchase a multi-year supply of electronic members at a significant savings. As a result, we can now continue efforts to further upgrade our system more quickly.  Enhanced features to our consumer-members include same-day service for remote connections, historic energy usage data, and enhanced distribution system diagnostics.

This means OREMC meter techs — Billy Ray Harris, Wayne Altman and Aldean Hodges—will likely be more visible in the field as they proactively replace meters.  Our employees may install the new meters when called to connect/disconnect power or responding to service requests.  Periodic field inspections are required and can be more efficiently conducted while employees are within a particular service area.  In addition, field inspection of member metering equipment may require meter upgrades and/or member equipment corrections per national industry safety standards.

Please be mindful that our meter team will need access to your property in order replace and install the new meters. If you have made a request for service/connection, please make sure security systems/gates are unlocked and pets are secured. If you have questions, please call customer service at 800-262-5131.