Careers At Okefenoke REMC

An Invitation To Join Our Employee Family

Focused on human welfare and community enrichment by its nature, we offer competitive salaries, excellent benefit packages, and the satisfaction of knowing the work performed at our cooperative directly benefits our members lives.

Okefenoke Rural Electric is dedicated to helping further our employees’ careers, offering a full range of opportunities for distance learning, accreditation, and professional development programs.

We seek the best workers in each field to supplement our employee teams and better serve our Members.

Employment Opportunities

Okefenoke Rural Electric offers career opportunities in these diverse roles:

  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Member Services
  • Engineering & Operations
  • Community and Economic Development

Okefenoke Rural Electric only accepts solicited applications and resumes. Neither a person’s application nor resume is accepted if there are no advertised job openings.

Okefenoke REMC Human Resources Department

Corporate Headquarters

PO Box 602 |14384 Cleveland St. E

Phone: 1-800-262-5131

Fax: 1.912.462.6100

Web: Our Website

Hometown people working together to provide quality power to our communities at a reasonable cost.