Congratulations to LaNancy Moody in the Kingsland office who was recently promoted to senior customer service representative. LaNancy has been with OREMC for 12 years and came to the co-op with a strong customer service background having previously worked in banking, retail and catering operations.

In her new role LaNancy is the office supervisor and will soon welcome two new employees—Jennifer Miner who is currently training in Nahunta and a new student worker from Camden County High School. She says she is comfortable with her new responsibilities as she had been backup for Brenda Rowell, and confident in what she needs to do.

“I’m just excited to have this opportunity to shine and put my stamp on the OREMC experience,” LaNancy enthuses. “It feels good to know Darren (Crews) and Nancy (White) have confidence in my ability.” She also appreciates being selected to participate in Georgia EMC’s Management Development Program, in which she is currently enrolled.

Says Customer Service Supervisor Nancy White, “We are excited for LaNancy to take this next step in her career with Okefenoke. She is a hard worker and a team player. We feel she will be a blessing to our employees and members as a leader in our Kingsland office.”

Kudos are also due David Allbritton and Houston Dowling who where both recently promoted to foreman in Nahunta.

David has been a lineman for more than 15 years. He says the work itself is what inspired him to become a lineman as he knows it is a job not everyone can do. David says, “It is like a fireman going to a fire . . .we love what we do. We want to help people and get the lights on as quick as we can, and as safely as we can.

Promoting safety is one of the key aspects of the job David hopes to model and lead by example. “I’ve been at this for a long time and think my experience will help me be a good leader in helping everyone do the job safely. It is also an opportunity for me to better myself.”

Houston has been with OREMC for nearly 12 years. He says he was inspired to become a lineman from stories he heard from his neighbor Clipper Smith, who was an OREMC lineman, and former Operations Manager Danny Thornton. Growing up around them he heard lots of stories and was told being a lineman would be a way to make a good living.

“I get excited by the work,” notes Houston, “and the challenge to get people’s power back on so they can go on with their everyday lives.” Reflecting on all the hot work he used to do with Clipper and the underground he worked with Mike Harris, retired lineman, Houston says as foreman he wants to take what he learned from the “older guys” and hand it down the line to the younger linemen.