Presenting the GHSA Cooperative Spirit Sportsmanship Award to Camden County High School is (l-r) Okefenoke REMC’s Royce Proctor, member service representative, and Steve E. Rawl Sr., first vice president, OREMC Board of Directors. Accepting the award are student athletes and coaches including: Madison Melton, golf; Ken Garard, basketball; Marissa Smith, cheerleading; Bayleigh Dixon, swimming; Hannah Jelercic, soccer; Myles Starke, wrestling; Tierney Lumpkins, volleyball; Amber Griffin, softball; Nicole Jones, basketball; Aaron Wainwright, baseball; Lucien Hodell, football; Brian English, head baseball coach; Joseph Allen, assistant basketball coach; and Kelsey Galabiz, head cheerleading coach.

Helping to shape future citizens of the community is something close to the heart of each electric membership cooperative (EMC) throughout the state. When engaged in athletic competition, high school students have one goal in mind: victory. But beyond wins and losses, one of the greatest lessons learned from competing in high school athletics is the ability to compete with class and sportsmanship. That is why Okefenoke REMC is proud to announce Camden County High School in Kingsland as a winner of a 2017-2018 Georgia High School Association (GHSA) Cooperative Spirit Sportsmanship Award.

“High school athletes have a lot on their plate,” says Dewayne Johns, OREMC member services representative and GHSA coordinator. “But one of the most important things that these young people are responsible for are how they carry themselves. Creating the habits of exemplary sportsmanship now, will go with them long after the whistle blows and the scoreboard clock shows time has expired on the game. It is one of life’s greatest lessons, one that will mold them into healthy and productive adults. We are proud to be a part of such a wonderful award that honors outstanding high school athletes across the state of Georgia.”

OREMC, along with other EMCs in Georgia, have presented the Cooperative Spirit Sportsmanship Award to GHSA-member high schools in 56 regions and seven classifications each year since 2006 to emphasize, encourage and reward positive behavior in athletics. To be considered for recognition, students, athletes, coaches, spectators and anyone else associated with high school activities programs must display respect, fairness, honesty and responsibility before, during and after competition.

“Congratulations to all of the region winners of the GHSA Cooperative Spirit Sportsmanship Award for 2017-2018,” says Dr. Robin Hines, GHSA executive director. “It is an honor for these member schools to be selected by their regions for this award. The characteristics of good sportsmanship are critical to the development of our young people as they transition into productive adults. The GHSA applauds our schools on this accomplishment and appreciates Georgia’s EMCs for their support of this outstanding recognition program.”

Camden County High School, along with the other GHSA-member schools honored with this award, saw their representatives demonstrate a high-level of honorable behavior across all sports throughout the school year and among many different groups, ranging from students, coaches, parents, spectators and officials. With the award serving as a compliment to anyone involved with the school’s athletic events, this is an award not just for the school, but for the entire community.

Founded in 1904, the GHSA is a voluntary, non-profit organization comprised of more than 460 public and private high schools that strives to promote good sportsmanship, participant safety, fair play and a cooperative spirit among its member schools. The GHSA administers regulations for region and state competition in 17 sports and two activities. For more information, visit